There are details that make a difference, set a good example while fishing:

  • Collaborate and respect others. If there are other people fishing or bathing in the area, respect their priority, they have arrived before you.
  • Fish only what is necessary for you. Remember that there are daily limits, that the resources of the sea are not infinite and that they belong to everyone.
  • Don't waste fish.
  • Take into consideration tides, storm warnings and inclement weather. Consult websites that provide this information, for example: aemet, windity
  • Always remember to let someone nearby know your location, for safety's sake.
  • Respect the professional fishermen and their fishing gear. Fishing is their livelihood. Thanks to their work we can get local fish in Tenerife.
  • Clean the fish in an area where the water is not stagnant so that the debris does not foul the environment that others enjoy.
  • Enjoy your leisure time taking care of the environment. Pick up the rubbish you find, leave the sea better than you found it. The ocean is also your home.

  • If you see animals in trouble (birds, turtles, cetaceans, etc.) call the hotlines. You can save the lives of endangered species.



In the event of finding an injured or dead turtle or cetacean, you should call 112 or the Wildlife Recovery Centre of the Cabildo de Tenerife on 922 445 777.

Never release an animal into the sea after removing anything it was entangled in, there may be secondary conditions that should be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Neither give them food or drink. If possible, shade the animal and put it in a box without disturbing it, it is important to know that they are wild animals and can do harm. Handle them with gentleness and care.

In the event of encountering any of these animals alive, enjoy that moment, always without disturbing them. You should turn off the engine and not get in their way, keeping a minimum distance of 60 metres.


If an infringement is observed, 112 can be notified so that the competent authorities can be called in. If the case is repeated or continuous, a complaint can be presented to the Regional Ministry of Fisheries at the Fisheries Inspection Service located at Avda. Francisco La Roche, nº 35- Edificio Usos Múltiples I, Planta 0. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. (Link map) Telephone: 822 17 19 73

All necessary information, including personal details, must be provided. The identity of the complainant will not be disclosed to the offender or to anyone else, but is necessary to give finality to the complaint.

Those who are often at sea may be the best caretakers of our environment.